Explain the ethical implications of a breach of confidentiality.

Explain the ethical implications of a breach of confidentiality.2.Provide ethical theories and/or ethical principles(from among those introduced in yourreadings) to substantiate your position. 3.Identify a reasonable alternative to address the dilemma presented in the article usinga framework of ethicaldecision making presented in lecture or in your readings. Explain the significance of applying this framework. 4.Explain how an ethics committee mightapproach the dilemma using ethical theories, principles, and a collaborative approach to ethical decision making. Prepare this assignment according tothe APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. Rubric; 10.0 ?/o Explain the EthicalImplications of a Breach of Confidentiality Does not identify contextual features related to confidentiality. Does not distinguish among fact, opinion, andvalue judgments. Fails to identify implications and consequences of breach of confidentiality. Incomplete discussion of issue. Superficial analysis ofethical implications. Limited consideration of preexisting assumptions. Limited discussion of relevant context and exploration of implications. Identifiesinfluence of assumptions, addressing ethical dimensions that underlie the issue. Relevant context and thorough discussion of issue. Analysis includesconsideration of preexisting socially constructed assumptions. Identifies implications and consequences from a practice perspective. Analysis of issue iscomprehensive. Explores confidentiality with global perspective, identifying underlying relationships between stakeholders and among sociallyconstructed systems. 25.0 ?/o Provide Ethical Theories and/or Ethical Principles to Substantiate Your Position Does not identify ethical theory and/orprinciple from readings. Does not present own perspective. Discussion is grounded in absolutes, with little or no acknowledgement of own bias. Appliesethical theory and/or principle to issue, though some aspects are incorrect or confusing. Key details and connections between theory and application aremissing. Presents own perspective without justification, does not address other views. Applies ethical theory and/or principle with limited integration.Analysis is incomplete. Presents own perspective without justification. Integrates multiple viewpoints and comparisons of ideas or perspectives usingethical theory and/or principles as a framework. Identifies own position on issue, but justification and connection to theory are incomplete. Appropriatelyidentifies own position on issue, drawing support from lecture content, experience, and information beyond assigned sources. Integrates ethical theoryand/or principle to substantiate position. 25.0 ?/o Identify a Reasonable Alternative to Address the Dilemma Does not adopt a decision-makingframework. Presents a single perspective; alternatives are not addressed. Applies decision-making framework incorrectly. Confuses cause andcorrelation; presents ideas and alternatives in confused or confusing sequence. Does not explain significance of applying framework. Identifiesalternatives with limited scope. Applies decision-making framework as foundation for selecting alternatives and justifying their application, given thecontext of the dilemma presented. Identifies alternatives that demonstrate relevance, accuracy, and completeness. Applies decision-making frameworkwith clearly distinct correlations of relationships among ideas. Integrates decision-making framework in a complex process of judgment and justificationwith comprehensive discussion of implications for each alternative identified. Clearly articulates significance of framework with a thorough discussion ofstrengths and limitations. 20.0 ?/o Explain How an Ethics Committee Might Approach the Dilemma Using Ethical Theories, Principles, and a Collaborative!

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