Explain the role of writing and communication in Nursing

1) Explain the role of writing and communication in Nursing. What kinds of writing or communication tasks can aprofessional in your field expect to encounter in her/his career? To answer this question, you will need tointerview a professional in your chosen field to find out about the role of writing and communication in yourfield of study (primary research). You will also need to conduct secondary research using the CNM librarydatabases to explore existing scholarship related to your topic. Based on your findings, you will develop a setof recommendations (courses, resources, trainings, etc.) that students in your major should consider in order toprepare themselves for a career in the chosen field. The audience for this option includes other students in yourchosen major, as well as your English 1101 classmates and teacher. Your purpose is to enhance your understandingof the role of writing and communication in your field and also to help your colleagues (other students in yourmajor) develop a plan in preparation for that role.Research Requirements: Your multi-source report must incorporate both primary and secondary research (at leastone interview and reference to existing, published, scholarship). At minimum, your report should incorporatethree (3) sources.

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