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Explore how love and lovers is presented in Romeo and Juliet and The Labrotory. Love. Love is a feeling of a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone An intense feeling of deep affection. Love in Romeo and Juliet is a brutal powerful emotion that captures individuals and catapults them against their world and at times against themselves. In The Laboratory love is presented as a unpleasant feeling filled with jealousy obsession and overall revenge which is also a dramatic monologue which evokes the audiences emotions. Love is another important thematic ingredient in Romeo and Juliet which presentsExplore how love and lovers is presented in Romeo and Juliet and The Labrotory various types of love: the sensual physical love embraced by the Nurse; the Traditional or contractual love represented by Paris; and the passionate romantic love of Romeo and Juliet. ?love is Too rude Too boist?rous and it pricks like a thorn?. In The laboratory Browning explores the jealousy and vengeful of someone disappointed in love and how far they would travel to be happy themselves and see their lover suffer who has previously made her suffer. In the opening scene of Romeo and Juliet we are introduced to Romeo and Benvolio. Romeo reminisces about Rosaline which evokes the lover?s experience of daydreaming about his beloved but in such a jumbled way that it?s more frustrating than enjoyable.?Mis-shapen chaos of well-seeming forms? However this scene presents that Romeo is in love with Rosalines beauty. Romeo receives unrequited love which makes him feel melancholy and depressed. This can also be described as fickle love as he falls in and out love quickly. Romeo is in love with Rosaline at the start of the play which is presented as an immature infatuation. Today we might use the term puppy love? to describe this. Romeo?s love for Rosaline is shallow and nobody really believes that it will last including Friar Laurence. ?Thou chid?st me oft for loving Rosaline? Romeo is speaking in rhyme throughout this scene. He says Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs Being purged a fire sparkling in lovers? eyes?. From this the reader may assume that Romeo takes love very seriously it is also represents a stereotypical form of love poetry. This may indicate that there is nothing special about his love with Rosaline. In this scene Romeo also uses oxymoron?s to describe his love for Rosaline. He describes love as sick health?. This illustrates the idea that he is confused and not making any sense because he is talking in an irrational way. Benvolio tells Romeo to Examine other beauties?. This quotationportrays the idea that maybe Benvolio has seen this before from Romeo and he knows the time will come when Romeo will fall in love with another lady. The audience will feel that Romeo is acting like a lovesick teenager. Likewise in The Laboratory the women is suffering from unrequited love and is consumed with evil and twisted thoughts. She?s feeling betrayed and paranoid ? she refers back to them as laughing at her imagining her at church praying for her lover to return back to her. ?While they laugh laugh at me at me fled to the dearer? William Shakespeare and Robert Browning both portray unrequited love and the different paths it leads to as in Romeo and Juliet Romeo is melancholy and sulking however he is not doing anything to make the situation better. ?Out of her favor where I am in love? In The Laboratory the women is creating a deadly poison due to her partner cheating on her and her receiving unrequited love. The women deals with the situation in a very pitiless demanding way. ?Grind away moisten and mash up thy paste? Love between Romeo and Juliet is the main love portrayed in the play. Our classic idea of romantic love is embodied in Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare presents this as a force of nature so strong that it transcends societal conventions. This idea is established in the play?s prologue with the line a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life.? Romeo and Juliet still love each other and don?t let their hatred of each other?s family get in the way of their love. Love give me strength and strength shall help afford?. Romeo being hurt and melancholy at the beginning of the place make the audience question does he truly feel love or not. Romeo falls for Juliet as soon as he sees her Which Shakespeare describes as love at first sight. Did my heart love till now?? Shake spare also portrays that Romeo falls in love with Rosalines and Juliets appearances due to it being love at first sight. He describes Rosaline as the moon which is beautiful but the moon always goes down when the sun rises who is Juliet. ?As a rich jewel in an Ethiop?s ear-Beauty too rich for use for earth too dear? The same as in The Laboratory the women believes her ex partner has feel in love with not the women?s personality but her looks. ?Shes not little no minion like me! That why she ensnared him: this will never free? Both play and poem portray that the men have fell in love with the women?s looks. Romeo falls for Juliet as soon as he sees her which obviously tells the readers that he fell in love at first sight with her beautiful face likewise the man has cheated on left his partner to be with a more curvy women again falling for her looks. A love we are introduced to in Romeo and Juliet is the love between Juliet and the Nurse which is such of a mother and daughter It portrays warmth trust and laughter. Juliet loves her mother in a dutiful daughter way but they do not have a warm close relationship. All the nurse wants is for Juliet to be happy and this is why she helps in forgetting the family feud and helping Juliet marry Romeo. This effect Shakespeare portrays adds great effect and makes the relationship between Juliet and the Nurse similar to if the Nurse was the actual mother of Juliet. I nursed her daughter that you talked withal?. In the Laboratory no such love is presented. Its as if the women is alone in the world which is causing her to go insane. However it could also be said that the women is confiding in the old man as he is the only one who knows about her plan as did the nurse with Juliet?s plan. She is so thrilled with her plan she celebrates with the apothecary. ?You may kiss me old man on my mouth if you will!? Both Shake spare and Browning portray love in similar but different ways. Juliets affection with the nurse is positive and merry with girlish talks However The women in The Laboratory is showing love to the old man just for full filling her evil command. In The Laboratory and Romeo and Juliet tradition plays a very large role. Paris? love for Juliet in Romeo and Juliet is born out of tradition not passion. He has identified her as a good candidate for a wife and approaches her father to arrange the marriage. Although this was the tradition at the time it also says something about Paris? staid attitude towards love. ?Younger than she are happy mothers made.? Also in The Laboratory Browning does not make any direct or uniform attacks on organized religion. He does not use any references to religion or tradition as it would of made the poem calm and without them it gives the poem a more horrific evil tone. Many of the friendships in the play are as sincere as Romeo and Juliet?s love for one another. The close relationships between Juliet and her Nurse and between Romeo Mercutio and Benvolio are meaningful and heartfelt. They care deeply for another and protect each others honor ? this ultimately costs Mercutio his life. This platonic love is offset by the sexual innuendos made by some characters ? particularly Juliet?s Nurse and Mercutio. Their view of love is earthy and purely sexual creating an effective contrast with Romeo and Juliet?s romanticism. At the beginning of Romeo and Juliet Romeo is very upset which gives Mercutio and opportunity to involve humor and sex. O?er ladies lips who?s straight on kisses dream?. He uses more sexual innuendo throughout the play when the subject of love is mentioned. The Nurse also links love and sex throughout the play. This is more marked when she finds out Juliet is to marry Romeo. We can see how excited she is about the physical opportunity for Juliet because she comments immediately on Romeo?s physical traits. ?His face be better than any man?s?. Although both Mercutio and the Nurse refer to the sexual act the Nurse?s language is crude and lacks the refinement of Mercutio?s wit. Here Shakespeare presents to us a member of the lower classes deprived from a formal education. Also Juliet awaits Romeo to consummate their marriage she refers wholeheartedly to her sexual desires ? having ?bought the mansion of a love but not yet possessed it? suggesting that she recognizes the contractual element of marriage and desires to experience the physical side. Juliet also refers to ?white as snow on a raven?s back? which implies that her virginal purity is set against the darkness of the blood that she will lose as her hymen is split. Love is portrayed therefore as being courtly and flirtatious in the early scenes but sexual and foreshadowing death in the later scenes. In The Laboratory there is no use of sexual language however the women believes that her partner and the women Elise commit sexual acts. ?Where they are what they do: they believe my tears flow? The word flow could also be described as the women crying a river. Her tears as soon dried up and is happy by the end at the death of her rival and suffering of her lover. The language used in the Laboratory has various features such as; alliteration personification metaphor etc. Alliteration is used to add affect and give the reader a repetitive sound. brand burn up bite? moisten and mash? poison to poison thee prithee? Also the use of exclamation marks shows excitement and reinforces the delight. In the same way Shake pare has also used various literary devices. such as oxymoron?s ?Poor living corpse closed in a dead man?s tomb!? Dramatic irony ?indeed I never shall be satisfied / With Romeo till I behold him-dead- ? etc. Poison is often the weapon of choice for female killers. It requires little or no physical strength to administer and can be done secretly. It also leaves little evidence thus making it difficult to detect the culprit. In both Romeo and Juliet and The laboratory the females use poison which leads to death. However Juliet also dies by suicide. and the women in The laboratory dies from the poison. Browning writes ?The delicate droplet my whole fortunes fee? showing that she?s incredibly dedicated in getting this guy and she?s spent her whole fortune on the poison and she?s not going to give up until the deed is complete. Romeo and Juliet has become forever associated with love. The play has become an iconic story of love and passion and the name Romeo? is still used to describe young lovers. Shakespeare?s treatment of love in the play is complex and multifaceted. He uses love in its many guises to thread together the key relationships in the play. In the Laboratory the women?s anger and revenge seems controlled as looking at the structure all stanzas are end-stopped indicating some clear structure and thought behind the lady. Hence any sympathy we had for her almost disappears as she must know she is doing bad being that her state of mind is quite clear.”

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