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The article Kids Who Use Facebook Do Worse in School? by Bonnie Rochman illustrates the pros and cons of using Facebook by kids. On the negative side it has been found by a research conducted by Larry Rosen that teenagers who use Facebook continuously or after a short interval of time during study relatively weaker in study and have more adverse effects on their health such as more physical disorders nervousness and depression. Moreover young adults who use social sites extremely have more psychological disorders. On the positive side social sites help children to sharpen their ability toFactors Affecting Students academic performance understand others and improve their personalities. To conclude Rosen said that parent?s job has become more difficult now because they are in dilemma that how much time a student should spend on a social site as too much use of it leads to serious problems and they usually avoid to pay attention on important things because of that diverted stuff whereas a child can become more empathic by using it. I learnt a lot from this article as it provides all the important information regarding good or bad effects of using Facebook. I found this information very interesting and important as I am a student and Facebook user. It tells me that I should not use Facebook during my study because it can affect my grades and health in a negative way. The information seems accurate and concise and it reminds me to avoid multitasking that is use of Facebook during study period. I think the ideas of the writer are similar to that what I have faced in my life. I firmly agree with the author because all the information includes by the writer in article is accurate and helpful.”

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