False Memory

False Memory 1 Running Head: FALSE MEMORY False Memory: The impact of age and suggestibility on children Melissa Lee Lynchburg College False Memory 2 Abstract This study examined the effects of planting false memories in children, ages 3 to 8 years of age. Twenty children were divided into two groups, according to age. Group one consisted of ten children, ages 3 to 5, and group two consisted of ten children, ages 6 to 8. The experimenter came to the childrens elementary or preschool to have a 30 minute session with a child 3 times a week. During these sessions, the experimenter would tell the child one real event that happened to them, provided by a parent, and one suggested event, provided by the experimenter. The experiment was conducted for one month, and at the end of this month, the experimenter debriefed the child on which suggested story was false, and which was real. In dividing these groups by age, we would essentially like to see if age would play a role in suggestibility, and false memory. False Memory 3 False Memory: The impact of age and suggestibility on children Memory can be, and often is, faulty in many ways. Despite having been mislead or misinformed, people often report experiencing events that they have not experienced. This is the phenomenon known as false memory (Brainard & Mojardin, 1998). Research on memory, and in particular, childrens memory, over the past decade has shown repeated misinformation may distort recollection and allow remembrance of details that were not actually present in the original event. Research also suggests that both children and adults may experience false memories when imagined or intensively thought about events that never happened at all are experienced as real upon subsequent recollection. One famous psychologist and memory researcher, Piaget, actually had an experience of recol…

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