fashion retail marketing

You are required to develop an outline retail proposition to address a defined target market. Below is an indication of what your proposition should cover:1. Situational Analysis + segmentation/target customer2. Definition of differential advantage3. Outline of your brand and its identity4. Mission Statement & objectives of your retail proposalAt this point assume that your retailer has been trading successfully for five years in the UK market, and is considering expanding internationally to a new emerging market to generate further growth. It regards the opening a Flagship store in this new geographical area, as the first step it should take as part of its international expansion plans.5. Through research of emerging markets, suggest why these markets are key to the future of international growth. Provide a summary & rationale of three of these markets you consider to be the most important and select the one you feel your retailer should enter for its next phase of growth. Consider any unique characteristics of that market, how they may impact your retailer and how they should respond.Working individually, further develop your retail concept expansion to the emerging market as defined in Part 1 and develop a 3500 word illustrated Retail Report, including a visualisation of your retail concept.A) Retail ReportYour report should include: ?1. An outline of the key strategies of the international expansion plans, with reference to the new Flagship store2. The rationale as to the benefits of using a Flagship store as a vehicle for international expansion3. Consideration around site selection4. An outline of the key theory relating to store environment and store design5. Demonstration of an understanding of Distribution and Supply Chain considerations, including using Licensing & Franchising as a means of driving further international growth6. A top line Merchandise Plan (this maybe just one area within your store e.g. Womanswear)8. Consideration of Retail format design, the use of digital technology, layout & visual merchandising (supported by the visualisation of the retail concept)The report should be underpinned by academic and theoretical referencing throughout.B) Visualisation of Retail Concept (to be included as part of your Retail Report)Using 3D modeling software (Google Sketch-Up) develop a visual representation of the layout of your store. You have a maximum space to work with of 12 meters x 12 meters (144 square meters), although this does not have to be configured as a square, and could be smaller (e.g. 14 meters x 10 meters). It is important that you demonstrate connection to your objectives & Merchandise Plan. You should present your proposal across 4 x A3 paper pullouts as part of your main Retail Report: ?Board 1 ? Visual Merchandising inspiration board (e.g. materials, fixture ideas, graphics, ambiance)Board 2 ? Floor PlanBoard 3 ? 3D view that best illustrates your conceptBoard 4 ? Annotated layout, as Board 3 with ?text box? comments added to describe any detail relating to your layout and the rational for your choices (e.g. products, description of materials used, the flow, rational for the adjacencies etc.).Consideration should be given to floor layout/customer flow, product adjacencies, product density, sight lines, graphics/photography/branding, materials (e.g. floor & fixtures), fixtures ? floor and wall, displays/hot-spots, the use of digital technology and the general ambiance. The illustrated boards should demonstrate your digital skills by creating a professional, commercial and visually engaging layout.

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