Fashion Tends of the Past

What do you think about fashion? Is this a topic with great importance to you? Or are you just in the dark when it comes to whats hot and whats not? People look at fashion as a way to express yourself. You may not know this but fashion also involves more then just imitating others. It is a form of non-verbal communication that provides a way for people to express their identities and values. In the 1820s fashion was just being discovered and it maintained a strong hold on how society viewed people as well as how social classes were determined. This was the start of people taking risks, trying new things and testing the boundaries of society. From petticoats in the 1820s to blue jeans in the 1960s the element of fashion has only risen in the element of the public and how ideas are incorporated. Fashion provides a window for the inner thoughts, dreams and wishes of the ideal civilization that so many people wish for but not enough have the courage to stand up for. In this report I will be writing about three different time periods which experienced three different types of fashion. I will first explain the fashion of the 1820s using an indepth description of the type of fashion designs that were popular in this time period. I will then explain its significance and how it effected the decade. Next, I will provide examples of the fashion in the 1940s and then continue to discuss how it has effected society and how it compares to the effects fashion has had on the 1820s. I will then explain the fashion in the 1960s describing the types of clothes worn and for what purposes, as well as the effect it has on the culture and how that compares to the 1940s. Lastly I will overview all three time periods and compare how they have changed. So, overall I will be discussing the general similarities and differences between the three periods I have mentioned. Fashion was a fairly new thing in the 1820…

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