FAT boy

Did you ever have the chance to do something you really wanted to do, but you just didnt have the guts? well I encountered something similar to that. It started when I was at thirteen , back in Junior high school. That was the awkward age when everyone was begging to mature and grow those awful bumps all over there faces. Which was considered puberty, but in my situation pimples were not the problem, but my weight was. I was 59 250 lb. with my shoes off. This created an impact on my life that I will never forget, and most importantly it created a lack of self confidence, which didnt help my relations with others. It was a Friday night, and there was a dance at the school. I spent an hour primping for the dance that night, making sure everything was in its place. This is the night that I would take a chance and ask the most beautiful girl in school for a dance. Her name was Jessica Morton she was 54 with blonde hair blue eyes and at not quite a hundred pounds, she was my dream girl . I went over the lines of how I was going to approach her. She was wonderful inside and out. The thought of talking to her sent an eerie chill down my back. The idea of physical contact would be like heaven on earth. This is the night that she will notice me. I walked through the cold brisk air to the gymnasium, when I open the door a blast of hot muggy wind cover my face. I start sweating right away. Everyone is cramped in the old small gym. That was filled with about four hundred seventh and eighth graders. I look for my gang of friends. Of course where are all in the middle of the dance floor standing around talking to each other cracking jokes at each other. The dance was at the begging and we didnt want to look like a fools right a way by being different and being the first one dance. As the night went on I keep my eyes on Jessica. But I was not the only one. Every guy there wanted to have a dace w…

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