Federally Unrecognized Communities

Federally Unrecognized CommunitiesThis paper needs to explore the question of federally unrecognized communities. You can focus on the Algonquins in Ontario (using the entirety of the book ?Fractured Homeland?) or you can choose an American Indian Tribe and focus on their experience with federal recognition. You can focus on the tribes that were never recognized and struggled to get it, such as the Mashantucket Pequot, the Mashpee Wampanoag, the Poarch Lake Creeks, the Tunica Biloxi, the Jena Choctaws and many more. There are also tribes that have split over questions of recognition ? include the Seminole Nation of Florida (federally recognized) and the Independent Seminole Nation (federally unrecognized). There are also bands who once were federally recognized but then were ?terminated? such as the Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin and many of the California Rancherias. You can start by googling ?Federal Recognition? or ?Federal Acknowledgment? or ?Unrecognized Tribes? and go from there. An EXCELLENT paper will provide good coverage of these issues, and will attempt to think broadly about what federal recognition MEANS for Native people as well as being extremely well written.!

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