Figurative Language

Figurative LanguageRead about Figurative Language on page 50 (which i will upload). Than write a response paper with brief comment describing and your response to following example of Figurative Language.(i will also upload those example)1) Hit the floor- go head and work, why don?t people just say go and work2) Go break a leg- good luck, and try your best, why don?t people say good luck instead3) I told you a million times to clean your room- I told you many times to clean your room, this one I?m used to, because my mom says this to me4) I?m so hungry I could eat a horse- I?m so hungry I could a lot, I?m hungry now5) They are fighting like cats and dogs- they are fighting and no one is stopping, I never seen a cat and dog fight besides cartoons6) Time is money- If you care about money, you would know how long it takes to make money, I used this one before7) He has a heart of stone- he doesn?t care about anything, how heavy is a stone heart8) You are my sunshine- you are everything to me, like plants needs light to grow, I need you, I wish I could say that to someone9) Opportunity knocked on the door- it means that you were offered something by someone, no opportunity knocked on my door so far besides the mailman10) The sun played hide and seek with the clouds- the sun comes out then goes back, what happens if the sun never comes out11) You snore louder than a freight train- you snore loud, I hope I don?t snore.!

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