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Fill out each worksheet from the Financial Checkup with your own information. You can get extra help for each worksheet by reading the correspondingchapter in The Financial Checkup booklet. There is also some condensed information in the reading for module 3 which is included again at the bottomof this page. If you have concerns about the content of the worksheets, email the instructor. If you have questions about how to fill out theworksheets, please refer to the Financial Checkup booklet and the extra information reading below before emailing me.Please watch this video to learn how to work with the file. (Links to an external site.)The file includes the 9 worksheets that you will need to complete. You will also need to write and attach the paper. The file may be very slow toopen. When you open one worksheet and work on it, do not save that individual worksheet. If you do, you will probably not be able to turn in theworksheets as one file. When you are finished workin g on one worksheet, just click the red X in the top right hand corner. When you are done working on the worksheets that time, save the entire file,not the individual files. Then you can come back to the file to work on the worksheets later. If you need extra tracking sheets you can use the onebelow and attach them separately. The paper will be attached separately also. Everything else should be included in the one file.FINANCIAL CHECKUP FILEPreview the documentView in a new window:

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