After viewing all my options on which choices I had, I decided to do my book report on two main characters, the motherCorrine, and the Grandmother. In the following essay I will give you my comments and analysis on these two characters. As you will soon find out these two charachters are very evil throughout the book; that’s why I chose to do the report on these two characters. The book really gets interesting when Corrine (mother) goes to visit her father after her husband had died in a car accident, to “bribe” him for his love back, so she can get money to support her children. I think that it’s wrong that Corrine is going to go see her father and just use him for his money, because she’s setting a bad example for her kids. They might grow up thinking that that’s the right thing to do. I also think I would do that if I was in her siuation, because he did disown her and that was wrong on his part. When they left the house, they had to get dropped off no where near the house, so that no one would know that they were arriving. I thought that that was stupid of Corrine to agree to that and make her kids walk over a mile in the middle of the night. Then, when they arrived at the house, the grandmother made them go in through the back- door and told Corrine that her kids were beautiful. I thought that that was nice of her, but thenshe asked them if they were really smart, and told them that they were spawns of the devil. Then I really changed my mind. Corrine didn’t even say anything to her mother after she said that to her kids. The grandmother is really evil in my opinion, because she told the kids that they will be locked in a room, and that she will bring them food early in the morning, and that every Friday of the last month they would have to go up into the attic, so that when the maids came to clean, they wouldn’t know that they were there. That is so dumb, …

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