Food Chemistry aNutrition Assignment a Whatas in your Food?

food chemistryProject descriptionFood Chemistry aNutrition Assignment a Whatas in your Food?This Assignment is worth 10% of your total mark.Choose a breakfast food product (i.e a breakfast cereal, or whatever your first meal of the day is) to investigate. Please look at the Food Label of your chosen food,and discuss each and every component / ingredient, describing what it is, the function or purpose of that ingredient in the food product and the overall contributionto the nutritional value in the food product. Choose a food product with at least FIVE ingredients.Please submit this in the form of a reportbetween 1000 and 2000 words, where you have the following headings:SummaryThis is where you summarise all of the information given in your report, this should be 1-2 paragraphs long. It will include an introductory sentence (what you arelooking at and why), an overview of the ingredients, and your conclusion of the nutritional value overall of the product being investigated.IntroductionSome background information on what is expected or wanted from a breakfast product. This can be personalised, what you would like to see in a breakfast cereal, orperhaps more scientific, what does the World Health Organisation, or the Heart Tick Foundation (or other body) recommend?IngredientsThis is the main part of your report, here you should include sub-headings on each of the ingredients listed, and under each subheading, tell the reader what thatingredient is, what its function in the food is, and any nutritional value. Anything good or bad to report on the presence of this ingredient? Anything that mightcause an allergic reaction?ConclusionIn your opinion, is this food product a good option? Is it healthy? Does it provide any or all of the daily recommended levels of nutrients required? This section isyour opinion, but should reflect what you have discussed under the Ingredients heading.!

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