Food Service Business in Campus

Order Instructions:CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT 3-4 pages, 12pt font, 1.5 line spaced)Situation (fictional): The California State University East Bay ? Hayward Campus hasseveral attractive food options. Currently, there is a large building under construction oncampus and the University is looking for suggestions on which food-related business wouldbe best suited for it. Currently, no decision has been made, and the University is turning toyou for help for suggestions given your expertise in Marketing. The University is asking youto recommend 2 ? 3 different food service businesses on the basis of your market analysis. Besure to include the following information:Introduction Provide a description of the market ? whichfood & beverage vendors are currently oncampus? Who are their target segments &how have they decided to serve them?SWOT Analysis Provide at least 2 strengths, 2 weaknesses, 2opportunities, and 2 threats for the food &beverage offer currently available on campus.Include a table, and provide a more detaileddescription/argument in full sentences. Seepage 616-617 for an examplePortfolio Analysis (current) Provide a growth/share matrix of currentproviders. Be sure to include arguments forwhy you rank companies in the ways youdid.Market Research & Consumer Behavior Provide your observations on how studentscurrently use the food & beverage offer oncampus. Based on your observations, yourSWOT analysis, and your portfolio analysis,provide an argument for whether theUniversity should choose a new vendor formarket penetration/marketdevelopment/productdevelopment/diversification (=What are yourobjectives for the new vendor?)Proposing new vendor Propose a new vendor. Make sure to providedetails on how the new vendor fits intoa) your segmentation/targeting anddifferentiation/positioning efforts andb) your SWOT analysis

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