FoodShare’s Good Food Cafe

FoodShare?s Good Food Cafe? this essay should be in the format of a backgrounder for potential government funders? Use course materials, literature relating to PPM150 or other related food laws,-The essay should include the following components:1. A brief description of the context in which FoodShare?s Good Food Caf? model has emerged (ie Ontario Ministry of Education PPM150) in addition to a brief overviewof literature regarding issues relevant to school food environments in secondary schools in Canada.2. A description of FoodShare?s Good Food Caf? model based on written materials in course discussions and incorporating your experiential learning experience:3. An exploration of specific legislation, policies and/or guidelines applicable to dietetic practice relevant to the Good Food Caf? & school feeding programs ingeneral4. Recommendations for the potential contribution of registered dietitians to the Good Food Caf? and school feeding programs in general? When it talks about?experiential learning? What i did was go to a school and prep the food for the students. Here are some notes to discuss that:MY EXPERIENCE? prep work was done behind the scenes in the kitchen(cut vegetables, made chilli, made sandwiches), the staff knew how many students didn?t like tomatoeson their sandwich and accommodated, almost all the food got purchased from the cafeteria, kids loved it, so cheap for what they were getting, community based, need asmuch help as they can get, very aware and concerned about appearance to get the children to want to eat it (make sure all were equal and neat)? I will attach a sheet with these notes also, and some additional notes I have made for some of the sub headings? Food Share is an organization that provides low income communities schools with very cheap but healthy lunches (3-4$).!

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