Anne Moodys pessimism towards African Americans overcoming racism and discrimination in the United States stems largely from the lack of support and poor treatment towards the movement. Throughout Annes involvement with the movement towards racial equality she encountered many unexpected hurdles in the form of peoples hatred and fears. The summer before entering high school Anne learned of the lynching of a young boy by the name of Emmett Till and the local police departments unwillingness to bring justice to the killer. This was Annes first look into the oppressive actions that the state government was taking towards racial equality in the South. An indirect consequence Anne had to deal with due to her involvement with the movement was the loss of communication between her and her mother. Annes mothers fears of white supremacists harming her family because of Annes involvement in the movement forced her mother to ask Anne to either quite the movement or cut off all ties with her family. Although Annes family was important to her, she realized the greater importance in her efforts in the movement and decided to stick with her involvement with racial equality groups. Perhaps one of the largest hurdles Anne faced was the constant fight with the very people she was fighting for. Most of Annes time during her involvement was spent looking for support amongst older African Americans but almost everywhere she looked she only found blacks that were afraid of what involvement in the movement could do. With everything from a strong racist history to fear amongst African Americans towards the Whites against her and the movement, Anne Moody was left with almost nothing but a pessimistic outlook on racial equality. Anne moody encountered many racial hatred crimes and deaths during her fight for civil rights and almost all of them were done without any substantial justice from the police departments in th…

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