Free to me means that you have no restrictions, no laws, and no boundaries controlling you. You can do basically what you want, when you want. If people were to follow my idea of freedom though, the world would be a chaotic place to live. When a person is free, they can do what they want within the confinements of the United States Government. If people abuse their freedom, they are sent to jail or put on a probation period. The government tries to instill in you that if you break your laws of freedom, you will be punished. If I were to be completely free, I think that I would abuse it. I think laws are a good idea. They set boundaries. It seems to me, that all your life you are waiting to be free. You wait for your license, you wait for adulthood, and then you wait for the opportunity to drink alcohol. Freedom is a privilege, we earn it. I dont think that the average U.S. citizen realizes how much freedom they actually do have. What we do realize is how many other countries dont have freedom. That is more highly publicized because the U.S. is supposed to be this country where people can do what they want. Well we cant. We are restricted everywhere we go. Whether it is at school, at work, or even on the streets of Livonia, we are never totally free. It would be nice if we could be, but that will never happen. In conclusion, I think that freedom is a gift that we earn over our lifetime. People need to come to the realization that we have the freedom unlike other countries. To be free is something that comes with time, and unfortunately time never dies …

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