freud dream theory

Freud has many theories in to the incite of the human unconscious. One of these theories is the dream theory. Many annalist think that dreams are the connection to our in most secrets and desires. Freud is among these people in thinking that dreams are the center of our repressed desires. In Freuds theory of dreams, he states that dreams are the surest ground of psychoanalysis. The interpretation of dreams is the most direct way to insight in to the unconscious. The unconscious comes to life in our nightly dreams. These illusions that we create, the alteration of character can help to understand the problems we have in our waking life. Freuds theory on dreams states that as young children our dreams are about fulfilling a wish. The wish the child is dreaming about fulfilling comes from a wish that was not fulfilled the day before. This differs for our adult life because, according to Freud, in our waking life we tend to give dreams little consideration. We usually reject them and forget them quickly. In his theory Freud says that our rejection of our dreams comes from immoral acts, which are in many of our dreams. Freud also states that we must tell the difference between the manifest dream content, the parts of dreams we remember in the morning, and our latent dream-thoughts, the parts the we hide in the unconscious that we have to find again. In Freuds psychoanalytic laws we must use free association to get irruptive ideas from our dreams. Free association is the use of words to bring things buried in the unconscious to the surface. From this use of free association you may discover some latent dream thoughts. In these latent dream thoughts you may find that the fancies that are found in dreams may connect with symptoms and memories. Now you can start to see the connection of childrens dreams and adults dreams. When these dreams are compared with the day before it starts to appear as fulfilling a w…

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