from my eyes

Mr. Bouton English From My Eyes A director runs the show. He or she makes every vital decision on how to act, where to stand and even when to breath. The director is the backbone of the production, without one it would fall with out any guidance. they get paid good money to do it appropriately loves to do it as well. The director of A Streetcar Named Desire bothered me a little bit. For some reason I didnt like how the book or the movie was presented. It lacked quality acting and sincere emotion. There was very little excitement. The most exciting thing that happened was the fight between Stella and Stanley. If we are excited by domestic violence and weak souls allowing it to occur then there is something wrong. Maybe because I am a guy I felt so far away from enjoying a good drama but I as would have added some more lively characters and maybe some real action. This comments are all honest but there could just me something wrong with me if I have so many critical comments on such an American classic. Unfortunately this is because the youth today(myself included) have been brainwashed by Sylvester Stallone and other ass kicking heroes of todays theaters. This draws us away from what is truly good acting. Well, that is life today. I would definitely make some changes if I were director. First of I would change the emotions given off from the main characters. In both the book and the movie the emotions were expected and in a way almost predictable. The characters would fit a mold seen to commonly by todays people. We would understand who they were and where they come from and that would rarely change through out the book. People come to plays to be surprised my unexpected emotions and new personalities. But for this project I chose to look through the directors eyes to see what he chose to do with characters whether I like it or not. I analyzed each person figur…

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