Fukishima, Tokyo’s Narita Airpor

Fukishima, Tokyo?s Narita AirporWeek 6 :The discussion questions for this week?s readings on high-risk, organizational management are as follows:1) Looking at Perrow Chapter 9, and given the kind of disasters that we?ve seen in Fukishima, Tokyo?s Narita Airport (slowly sinking), and the levees in new Orleans, why do large organizations consider taking minimal measures (which may be more cost-effective short-term) over spending more ensure long-term safety?2) Given the complexities entailed with disasters, both manmade and natural, how can social institutions cope? Do large institutions need comprehensive plans for multiple contingencies, or would a simple, organization chart-style plans work more effectively?3) Looking at the multiple articles on the failures entailed with the FBI?s shared intranet & database system and other similar systems, is it unreasonable to attempt to develop a predicitve computer system for disasters? Is the human component still a necessary component in making connections and ?acting on a hunch?? What are some of the dangers of such systems (false positives, leaks, etc)?!

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