Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquezs Influences Gabriel Garca Mrquez, a Colombian-born writer of astonishing skill, is thought by many to be one of the world’s greatest living authors and is responsible for awakening interest in Latin American literature with his style of writing. He is considered one of the pioneers of “Magical Realism,” a style of writing that brings together realism and fantasy. Throughout Marquezs he has had many influences that have helped him become successful author. These influences include cultural influences from his family, literary influences from famous authors, and societal influences. From the time in which Garcia-Marquez was born on March 6, 1928 in a small town in Northern Colombia, he lived with his grandparents and other family members.( ) By living with his family Marquez acquired many cultural aspects which influenced and are evident in his literary style. “I feel that all of my writing has been about the experiences of the time I spent with my grandparents.”(Marquez) Garcia-Marquezs grandmother was very superstitious and often told him stories of ghosts and omens. His grandfather, on the other hand, told him stories about when he was in the military. From many of these stories, many veterans came into fictional character roles in Marquezs novels. Another cultural influence is the environment in which Garcia-Marquez grew up. As a child, classmates used to love to listen to Marquez tell a story. They classified him as a natural-born writer, although he simply had a love of literature and had never written anything. These influences have had a great effect on him. To this day Garcia-Marquez still uses old memories as basis for his writing. Garcia-Marquez has many literary influences. The of these first being Ernest Hemingway, who influenced his journalistic skills which helped him while working for El Espectador. He transferred from journalism to nonfiction in 1955 when he seri…

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