gay rights

GAY RIGHTS Our society is composed of homosexuals. We often see them walking on the streets or maybe sitting right next to us. However, do we really know what are homosexuals? During our elementary years in school, we were taught that if a person is attracted of the same sex, he/ she is to be consider homosexual. Although the definition is valid, there is still important things we should know. As a matter of fact, the law should protect Gay rights because homosexuals are experiencing enough difficulties nowadays. Homosexuals are experiencing discrimination in the society. We could see the struggle of lesbian and gay people against discrimination by looking at the liberation movement over the past 50 years. McCarthyism helped to set up the first wave of anti-gay government action. McCarthy was able to link homosexuals to Communism by saying they were more easily blackmailed and had a greater risk to the government. Furthermore, A former presidential candidate, Ross Perot said “he would not appoint homosexuals to his cabinet because they would be a point of controversy with the American people”. A lot of people look at homosexuals as something who will destroy our society. According to Adam Barry, “a report from the U.S. House Committee on UN- American Activity called for the removal of homosexuals from the government”(58). As a result, hundreds of homosexuals and suspected homosexuals were fired or denied employment by the government. Although we are aware that it is against our Constitution, some people are still separating gays and lesbians to the rest of the society. Moreover, according to the book of Gay rights, “Many business have fired men and women who were thought to be homosexuals; the companies believe that the customers will not want to come into contact with people who are different from the norm. (25). However, the only chance to maintain their job is to hide their own sexuality. Homosexuals are not given complete …

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