1. Australian Book Contracts Barbara Jeffris Members $12.95 Non-Members $19.95 Postage & Handling $3.00 2nd Edition of what author Tom Keneally calls his ‘contractual bible’ Royalty & Upfront Contracts Acceptable Royalty Rates Subsidiary & Merchandising Rights Advice on Electronic Rights, Agents, Option Clauses, Literary Estates, etc. Electronic/Digital Rights: A Handbook for Authors Lynne Spender Members first copy FREE Non-Members $10.00 Postage & Handling $3.00 Companion book to Australian Book Contracts Common questions answered Multimedia & collecting services Glossary of terms & new language Checklist of basic principles Contract advice 3. The Australian Publishers Association Directory of Members Members $20.00 Non-Members $20.00 Postage & Handling $3.00 Lists major publishers in Australia Contact addresses, phone & fax numbers Imprints & Overseas affiliations Publishers, editors & personnel lists Lists types of books published so you can target your manuscript appropriately 4. A – Z of Authorship Ken Methold Members $19.95 Non-Members $24.95 Postage & Handling $4.00 Everything you wanted to know about writing from A to Z Information on resource centres, arts organisations & funding bodies Discusses genres & markets, book production, legalities & much more Aimed at professional and beginners 5. The New South Wales Writers’ Centre Journal Directory Edited by Irena Dunn Members $15.00 Non-Members $15.00 Postage & Handling $4.00 Lists detailed information on local journals, magazines & newspapers that accept submissions Identifies poetry, short story, essay, review, article, interview, graphics & photo marketst; Overseas literary journals Submission guidelines & payments 6. 1998 Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook Published by A & C Black, London Members $34.95 Non-Members $34.95 Postage & Handling $6.00 Local …

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