Gender Apartheid Mus STOP

Gender Apartheid Must STOP One of the important ideas in a womens life is expressing herself, individuality, and freedom. Every single day women in Afghanistan are being deprived of their rights as humans and as women. People around the world need to realize this situation and STOP the gender apartheid in Afghanistan by speaking their opinion and joining organizations. A woman has the right to work, go to school, and be treated at hospitals, but for women in Afghanistan these every day rights that other women take for granted are gone. They have been kicked out of universities, and schools that do teach women have been closed. Any woman who gets caught home schooling will be shot and killed in front of her husband, children and students. Women cannot seek medical help because male doctors wont treat them. Since women cant work as nurses or doctors many women die because of the lack of medical help. When women try to go against them or accidentally act like a normal human being consequences are a brutal beating. This is causing the population of women in Afghanistan to decline greatly. If a woman shows her ankle in public the officials there will beat it until it is broken. A woman is barely allowed to leave her house and when she does she must be accompanied with a relative. Many women cannot stand the pressure and these conditions so many of them take their own lives by committing suicide. It is shown that 97% of Afghan women have signs of major depression. People may think that the Taliban has the right to do this to women in Afghanistan. Taliban says that they do this because it is following Islamic ideology, however what the Taliban is doing to woman has no basis in Islam. Within Islam, women are allowed to earn and control their own money, and to participate in public life. The 55-member Organization of Islamic Conference has refused to recognize the Taliban as Afghanistan’s official government. …

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