Gender influences on children

This paper should begin with the chapter titled "Learning and Doing Gender" in the textbook "The Kaleidoscope of Gender" by Valentine and Spade.There are several articles in the chapter and also a preface which can be used as a base for different ideas in the paper but then outside sources must be brought into expand on the subject. This paper should present arguments/positions opposing (and supporting) those of the author/authors you have selected (Sources listed by thearticle may be a good start for research.). You have to critically argue (without using first or second person voice) your assessment to the author?s position and itsvalue for society and gender studies after considering opposing viewpoints. This paper should discuss what type of gender influences are placed on children. It shoulddiscuss gender norms placed on children and should discuss social influence on gender development. Also it should discuss gender influences that are placed on a childby his/her parents. This is the base of what I want this research paper to be centered around but you are welcome to add other ideas that fit into this topic. Therealso needs to be an annotated bibliography of the sources used in this paper. You need to write 1-2 paragraphs describing each source and its use in the research paperassignment.!

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