Geology (Volcanoes&Earthquake) Assignment10

Geology (Volcanoes&Earthquake) Assignment10Project descriptionInstructionsGo to Weekly Lectures, open the folder for Week 6 and read the 3 lectures posted there.Go to Weekly Readings, open the folder for Week 6 and read Earthshaking Science, Chapters 1 and 2.Go to Weekly Videos, open the folder for Week 6, and watch Mega Disasters: 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. There?s a Forum in the Discussion Board with the same name where you can share comments about the video.Go the USGS Earthquake Website: with the FAQ section, which you can access from the menu options on the right side of the website. Spend some time exploring the FAQs on your own.Next go to Earthquake Myths in the FAQ section and read the answers to ALL of the myth questions (there are 11 questions). Be sure to click on the green link that says MORE, otherwise you will not see the entire answer to each question.Write a brief (one page or less) response of what you learned about earthquake myths. The content you cover in your response paper is up to you, but here are some topics that are fair game:What specific myths did you find interesting and why? Were the explanations for each myth sufficient? Did they answer all of your questions? Are there any myths or misconceptions about earthquakes that you wonder about, but that weren?t covered in this list?This is the link of ? Earthquake Myths ?: Disasters: 1906 San Francisco EarthquakeYou know the routine. The video will take a while to load. Have you eaten? If not, go get a little something, put your feet up, and enjoy.If you encounter problems with videos, contact:, to check the browser plug-ins if the video doesn?t play properly: Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific NorthwestIntroduction: A Warning From the PastChapter 1: Quiet as KansasChapter 2: Written in MudChapter 3: Parent Quake, Orphan TsunamiPages vii-54!

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