George orwell and the English Language

Orwell and the English language George Orwell, the author of Politics and the English language believes in the traditional style of the English language and that there is a definite correlation between language and action. Orwell highly believes that proper English can be cured by never using slang and never using a long word where a short one will do. It is the citizens moral responsibility to use the English language with clarity. Most important, people must earn the English language and learn to use it the correct way. Orwell would be upset if he saw a modern day newspaper; every article has a flaw. In an article from the Tri Valley Herald titled Pint-size pundits document campaigns, Dole uses a metaphor and slang that would infuriate Orwell. Dole compared Forbes to a new restaurant that packs customers in at first but loses them once folks realize the food isnt so good. Language such as this creates unnecessary ambiguity and causes unclarity to the reader. Curing the English language of its slang and ambiguity is an extreme belief of Orwell. Large words are simple statements dressed up to attract the readers attention. Many large words are used to dignify certain classes of words such as politics, science, and culture oriented people. These words may sound elegant and sophisticated when in reality they are confusing and useless to society. Use of such meaningless words are used to also deceive the public and cover up real intentions. When a politician speaks we hear that he is talking but do not really understand. If he used words the common society understood, he would also understand himself too. Most politicians speak in this language because it is part of political conformity. Many slang words have disappeared over the years due to the common people choosing not to use them. It is a conscious action to do this. One must always be aware of the words they use and that they use them…

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