global advertising strategies

Chapter 10 of the textbook speaks to global advertising strategies. Identify and briefly describe two advertisements for the same brand that are placed in two different countries. These advertisements should use the same media channel (newspaper, magazine, television, etc.). If possible, determine the creative entity (i.e. ad agency) responsible for each of these ads, noting if the two ads came from different agencies. Compare and contrast these ads using Global Consumer Culture and Global Consumer Culture Positioning theories. Some of the questions you may want to consider include: What symbols (including, but certainly not limited to, logos) do the two ads have in common? Do these ads appear to have similar target audiences within their respective countries? Do the advertisements indicate a globally standardized approach? Do they attribute the brand to a specific foreign consumer culture? Or do they localize the brand for their respective markets? If possible, provide either a scanned copy of the ads, or links to Internet sources that would allow me to see the ads myself.

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