Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report Analysis

The GEM research program is an annual assessment of the national level of entrepreneurial activity. As of 2002, there were 37 countries which participated in this study. Overall, GEM provides information on the entrepreneurial landscape of countries in a global context, attempting to study and track entrepreneurial behavior worldwide.Write a 2,500 word report, Arial/Times New Roman Size 11, 1.5 spacing paper, critically analyzing the underlying reasons for the difference in entrepreneurial capacity of 2 countries of your choice as detailed in the GEM reports (the report you choose must be in English).Your report should address 4-5 key differences. The topics can range from the 12 pillars of competitiveness in the Global Competitiveness Index Report, to the Corruption Perception Index and/or lecture topics covered in Weeks 1-7. To conclude this research, you need to make recommendations on the attractiveness for global entrepreneurs to operate in the countries evaluated.Ensure that your analysis makes reference to academic theory from peer-reviewed journal articles, business and country reports, business magazines, the Global Competitiveness Index report and Transparency International?s Corruption Research (eg. Corruption Perception Index). GEM country reports are available on Some reports in English are Australia (2006), Canada (2003), Croatia (2002), Czech Republic (2006), Denmark (2006), Finland (2007) etc.Note: You should use at least 15 peer-reviewed journal articles to support your assignment.The 9 pages of the report should include:-Executive summary-Introduction/overview-Body-Implications and recommendationsA separate page of references after the report. The use of citations throughout the body of the report is required.For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now!What We Offer:? On-time delivery guarantee? PhD-level writers? Automatic plagiarism check? 100% money-back guarantee? 100% Privacy and Confidentiality? High Quality custom-written papers

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