Globalization and Innovation in China

Globalization and Innovation in ChinaThose taking T13308/T13309 are required to write a 3,000-word research paper that will explore China?s competitiveness in a specifictechnology/industry. Technologies/industries include, but are not limited to, telecommunications, IT, gaming/animation, automobiles, high-speed railtransportation, green energy, and pharmaceuticals. The analysis of technology/industry should include:? an industry/technology overview, including its growth pattern over the last ten years;? an examination of the structure (upstream, downstream) as well as the geography (global location and strength in that location) of theindustry/technology as that industry/technology has evolved;? an analysis of polices/incentives put in place by PRC government in order to promote innovation;? an analysis of the global competitiveness of the Chinese industry/technology under study (including advantages and disadvantages); andthe role of foreign investment and foreign technology in that industry/technology.USE REFERENCES BY FOOTNOTE.NO TABLE

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