Glory Essay The Civil War was a great event in everyone’s life. Especially in the lives of the African Americans. We saw how they were forced into slavery and the hardships and torture that these men and women went through. However, we cannot go through what these brave men and women went through. In this film, “Glory,” these former slaves and fugitives combine their forces with those who did them wrong, the “white” men, to fight for their country. However, these men are deprived of supplies a soldier needs and treated as if they were still slaves. They lacked the right to be an officer or a human being. All this changes when their commanding officer starts to see it their way and is not only their leader but also their friend. With the president against the idea of having African Americans enlisting in the army, these brave soldiers take on what most people wouldn’t today. This film tells the story of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in 1863, made up of black soldiers – some Northern freemen, some escaped slaves – and led by whites, including Robert Gould Shaw, the son of Boston abolitionists. Although it was widely believed at the time that blacks would not make good soldiers and would not submit to discipline under fire, the 54th figured in one of the bloodiest actions of the war, an uphill attack across muddy terrain against a Confederate fort in Charleston, South Caronlina. The attack was almost suicidal, particularly given the battlefield strategies of the day, which involved disciplining troops to keep on marching into withering fire. The 54th suffered a bloodbath. But its members remained disciplined soldiers to the end, and their performance on that day encouraged the North to recruit other blacks to its ranks, 180,000 in all, and may have been decisive in turning the tide of the war. The training was harsh on the colored soldiers. They were disciplined as if they were still slaves. They lacked…

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