golden gulch

Silver Bells & Golden Spurs Twas a Mining town called Golden Gulch While the west was yet untamed There two bad men met made a bet And the winnings never claimed. The boys had ridden into town One payday afternoon To line the bar at the Lucky Star, Which was Dandy Rans saloon. Now the dandy was an onry cuss If by chance you made him sore, His only law was the lightning draw Of the heavy guns he wore. On his watchchain hung a dozen bells Of the fines silver spun, Each tiny bell for a man that fell When the dandy drew his gun. They seemed t jingle merrily To a tune that brought him luck, But they rang the bell for the man that fell When the dandy rang them up. Well the boys had finished around of drinks When the bar room door swang wide, And a man walked in with a reckless grin And a funny cat-like stride. On his dusty boots were golden spurs, His face was tan and brown, And on each hip the well matched grips Of six guns holstered down. He spoke in a voice that was deathly quite And said, I’ve come to waste some shells On a man they say whose draw is quick With a chain of silver bells. A dozen bells for a dozen men Buried somewhere on the plain It’s my intent to beat that gent, I’ve come for the dandys chain.” Well the dandy faced the strangers gaze, His coat was buttoned tight, A gun swang free above each knee, But the bells were hid from a sight. “So its the dandy’s silver bells On which you heart is set. Thats a fancy pair of spurs you wear Would you care to make a bet? The silver bells for the golden spurs, But I’ll warn you from the start. Youll lose that bet and all you’ll get Is a bullet through the heart.” Well the stranger smiled his reckless grin And said “If the dandy tries “They’ll find him dead with a chunk of lead Place neat between the eyes. Then the stranger unbuckled his golden spurs And slid…

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