1. Life Charles Goodyear was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1800. Charles was the oldest child in his family and had four brothers and a sister. He married Clarissa Beecher in 1824. The y had 6 children, Ellen ,Cynthia, Sarah, a un- named child, Charles Jr. ,and William . Three of there children died from disease . Sarah died at 3 Yr. ,an unknown child died at 2 months and son William died at 3 Yr. Most of his life with his first wife and children were in poverty . He remarried after the death of his first wife to Fanny Wardeell of London England. Charles died on July 1, 1860 himself a poor man ,the way he spent almost all his life . 2. Education & Training Charles had an average education .He went to high school but not college. He did do an apprenticeship in New York in a hardware store. Charles was very influenced in his early childhood by his fathers interest in inventing things. His father experimented with new types of pitchforks, etc. Charles did not have much education but was always thinking of new inventions. 3. Work In 1821, he worked with his father in a hardware business. This business failed in 1830 The y tried to expand to quickly causing them to go bankrupt. Then he used his talents to the commercial improvements of India rubber and inventing new things. India rubber was not used in industry because of the adhesives of the surface. It was too sticky when hot and too brittle when cold. Goodyear spent most of his life in search of inventing a way to make rubber stable and usable. 4.Discoveries & Achievements Natural or India rubber was of limited usefulness to industry. Rubber products melted in hot weather, froze and cracked in cold, and adhered to everything. One day, one of Good years early experiments was that he discovered that lime made rubber softer and workable. But his big breakthrough was when he accidenta…

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