Gorilla My Love..by Toni Cade Bambara

Paper instructions: Your assignment should have a strong, specificthesis, such as ?Poe?s ?The Cask of Amontillado? usesthe setting of the story to create a feeling of dread.?This type of thesis would give you the key terms to usein your analysis. Be sure to put your thesis sentence inbold so your reader will know what it is. Then develop your essay, providing details from thestory. Use in-text parenthetical citations each time youquote (or paraphrase) from the story. If you use aquotation or if you paraphrase the material (putting it inyour own words?no more than four words in asentence from the original), cite the page number whereit can be seen, and explain the point you are makingwith that evidence. Summarize your key points in aconclusion and restate the main idea of your thesis. Provide a Works Cited (on a separate page) at theend of your paper. Insert a page break after theconclusion so that the Works Cited is always onanother piece of paper.

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