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Todd Franklin Contemporary Lit, 1 3-9-00 Paul Dimitburh and Wallace Flint together paint the spectrum of society. They show the qualities of a good person, a bad person, and qualities that both types of people have. Both Wallace and Paul were successful in high school. This is shown in the book on page 60 when the book talks about Wallaces straight-A success as a student in high school and on page 122 when it mentions that Paul was Plums all-time leading scorer in high school. Another similarity between the two in that they both found themselves working in Hank’s Market. Another similarity between Wallace and paul is that they both live with their parents. Although some of their life stles were the same, they had very different character traits. For example, Wallace is an atheist and Paul is a very religious person that hopes to be a minister someday. Also, Wallace is in need of attention and praiseas when he decides to join the army so he could be a war hero. Paul on the other hand could care less what people think of him and this is demonstrated on page 128 when he applies to Hank’s Market which is a Catholic owned store and he was a Protestant. Paul often shows kindness and likeability for people as shown on page 129 when the book says he rather likes Brendan. Wallace however, usually has contempt for other people and that is also shown on page 129 when the book says thtat whenever Brendan shows up he draws back with repugnance. In addition, Paul gets along with his parents and his actually quite fond of them. In contrast, Wallace often treats his mother with disrespect as when he begins to paint her room every time she goes to work. In Conlusion, my interpretation of the main point the book was that even though many people have similar traits, there is an important difference between poeple, which is the compassion towards other which…

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