Graphic Design History

Project description 1. In the 19th century, new reproductive technologies dramatically altered the possibilites of the printed page. What changes in the use of type andimages were made possible by color lithographic reproduction, and how did artists such as Jules Chret or Henri de Touluse-Lautrec use lithography tomake printing more painterly?2. Graphics played a vital role in encouraging participation in World War I, and also in the Dadists? revolt against militarism and nationalism.Discuss how governments used graphics to persuade citizens to enlist to fight to give money to the war effort. What were some of the techniques usedto demonize the enemy, make war seem heroic and/or to personalize the conflict. Also discuss how Dada collage artists used fragments of commercialgraohics agains the dominant culture, and how radical typography became an expression of opposition and disgust:

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