Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams comparative essay

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “Winter Dreams” and his book The Great Gatsby, it could be argued that there were many similarities between the two stories. In “Winter Dreams”, a youthful caddie named Dexter meets a beautiful rich girl whom he had met many years before. Dexter exaggerates is wealth in order to impress her. However, she marries a very rich and abusive husband. She became abused and unattractive, Dexter looses all hope in gaining her back. The Great Gatsby is a story about Jay Gatsby, a flashy millionaire who was not born into wealth but earned it through hard work and illegal activity. He aspires to blend in with the rich community in order to get back his love, Daisy, who he has lost to Tom, a rich and powerful man years ago. Gatsby thinks that Daisy does not love Tom, but she only loves Tom’s sophisticated wealth. When Gatsby nearly has his love back, she discovers that Gatsby illegally obtained his wealth and she no longer admires Gatsby as she once has. Although he does not give up hope, his dream is destroyed. Tragically Gatsby is killed and the truth about his popularity is revealed; that people did not love him, they just loved his wealth. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “Winter Dreams” and his book The Great Gatsby strong similarities exists in its plot, characters, and themes. One of the most obvious reoccurring themes of Winter Dreams and The Great Gatsby is the poor mans fight to gain the affection of the ignorant aristocrats. In both cases it’s the poorer man who falls in love with a beautiful but ignorant rich girl. Both men fake their wealth the in fear that the superficial prejudices of the aristocrat will destroy their relationships. Gatsby attempts to gain the respect of the rich, especially Daisy, by showing off his wealth. The only reason he shows off his hard earned wealth is to impress Daisy. “‘You resemble the advertisement of the man,’ she went on innocently. ‘You know the advertisement …

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