Greek Mythology Ques.

Perciles1. What is the reason for Pericles? speech?2. What arguments does he use to justify the war? What weaknesses do you see in his reasoning?3 What attitude does he have towards the familes of the slain soldiers?4. The speech is considered a masterpiece of rhetoric?.but what is the disconnect between the speech and the reason he gave it?5. What demands does he make on the families of the dead soldiers?6. Give 2 examples of the democratic ideals he states in his speech.7. How does he describe Sparta? What is the purpose of these comments?8. What is the tone of the speech? How effective are his words?AeneidIdentify Aeneas. Give at least 3 characteristics with support from the story.What 4 visions did he see? What did they tell him? Why did he ignore their message?How did Hector?s appearance underscore his warning to Aeneas?Who is Sinon? How did he contribute to the fall of Troy?Why did Lacoon throw his spear at the Wooden Horse? What were the results of his actions? How did the Trojans misinterpret his death?Who is Cassandra? Why did the Trojans ignore her warnings about the Horse?Who protected Helen from Aeneas? Why does she perform this action? What did she tell Aeneas?How did Aeneas and his men end up in Carthage?Why did his father refuse to leave his house? What occurred that finally convinced him to go?Aeneas has a very clear idea about his destiny. Why does he make several attempts to ignore it? What is the result of these attempts?Why did Dido fall in love with him? What do her actions say about the melding of free will and destiny? What is the result of their affair?Why does Dido think they are married? Why does Aeneas not tell her the truth?Who finally convinces him to leave Carthage? Why does he attempt to hide his actions from Dido?When she finally confronts him, what reasons does he give for his departure? Are these reasons valid? Why or why not?After he leaves Carthage, what happens to Dido? What similarities do you see between Dido and her sister and Antigone and her sister?Aeneas is considered to be the protypic Roman. What Roman charactistics does he embody?Why is Dido unable to die? Who finally helps her? Why? Does Aeneas know of her death? Why or why not?Metamorphose1. What are two central themes in Ovid?s METAMORPHOSES? Give examples from your ?reading.2. Why does Pygmalion create his statue? What is ironic about its change?3. What is the theme in the story about Atalanta? Why were they changed into lions?4. According to these stories, how did the earth evolve? What similarity do you see with ?The Book of Genesis?5. Why did Daphne flee from Apollo? What change occurred in this story? What point is ?the author attempting to make?6. What argument does Orpheus use to convince the gods of the Underworld to return ?Eurydice to him? Why is he successful? How did he fail?7. How did Adonis die? What warning had Venus given him? Why did he ignore her?Roland1. Identify major characters?.Roland/Olivier/Ganelon/Charlemagne/Marsilion/Blancandrin2. Why were the French in Spain? Who was winning? How long had the French been in Spain?3. Why didn?t Roland go to Marsilion?s camp? Why did he suggest Ganelon as his replacement? What was Ganelon?s reaction?4. What plan did Ganelon and Blancandrin devise?5. Who first realized the rear guard had been betrayed? What was his reaction?6. Why did Roland refused to blow his horn? Are his reasons valid? Why or why not?7. What supernatural events occur in the story? What is their significance?8. How are the Saracens described in the story? What is the author attempting to achieve? Is he successful? Why or why not?9. What reasons does Olivier give for not blowing the horn? Who settles the issue? How?10. What visions does Charlemagne have? What are their meaning?11. How does he react when he hears Roland?s horn?12. Ganelon is accused of treason?which he denies. Is he guilty of treason (attempting to overthrow the king) or of merely trying to get rid of his stepson?13. How does Roland die? What is the significance of angels on the battlefield?14. What is the purpose of THE SONG OF ROLAND?Arabian nights1. Why is the king so bent on revenge? How did he react to his wife?s infidelity?2. What stories did the Vizier tell his daughter to convince her to change her mind? What was the moral of the stories?3. How did the Merchant kill the Demon?s son? What happened next? Why did the other men agree to keep their promise and return for their punishment?4. What relationship did the Merchant have with the Demon?5. How did they resolve their differences? What point is Shadrazad attempting to make to the king? Is she successful? How do you know?6. What was the point of the story about the Ox and the Donkey? What did the Donkey learn from his experience?7. Who was the deer? Who had caused his transformation?8. How did the man react when he realized his brothers had wasted their money? What did they try to do to him?9. Why is Shadrazad?s sister important in the story?10. What had the king learned at the end of three years of storytelling? Explain your answer.!

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