Greyhound Racing Right or Wrong

GREYHOUND RACING, RIGHT OR WRONG? Is greyhound racing right or wrong? Greyhound racing benefits our economy, job market, wealth, and pleasure. There are adoption agencies, protection laws, the American Greyhound Council, and the National Greyhound Association, all protecting these animals. So is greyhound racing righteous? In recent years, animal rights activists have challenged society’s right to use animals for human benefit. They believe that using animals to make money is not admirable. The discussion has evolved into a debate between two fundamentally opposing views. Animal rights supporters reject all animal use. Although opponents of Greyhound racing claim their position is based on animal welfare, these groups oppose any use of animals for any purpose, because they see animals as equal to humans in all major respects. Animal rights groups do not acknowledge legitimate animal welfare programs like the American Greyhound Council’s because, in their view, animal welfare reforms simply make animal use more acceptable to the public. The bible, on many occasions, says that man was given “dominion” over the animals. What is meant by “dominion” is the ability to impose our will. We do indeed rule over all animals, as we are the most powerful species on the planet. This however, does not mean it is okay to abuse this power, through animal abuse, and other wicked acts. God, without a doubt, wants us to show mercy for animals (Giron). Are we imposing our will by promoting greyhound racing even though greyhounds love to race by nature? Are greyhounds that race for a living happy or sad? Greyhounds were first introduced to America in the 1800’s to help farmers control the jackrabbit population. It was not long after when the development of greyhound racing competitions were started and conducted by the surrounding farmers. This proved to be both an exciting event for the local population but also proved that the greyhou…

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