Hassan?s Story A).Which clue would tell Stefan which scapular sur Essay Help

A).Which clue would tell Stefan which scapular surface was anterior and which was posterior? What is the name of the shallow oval socket of the scapular that Stefan placed next to the humerus? When he pulled out the two bundles each containing a narrow S-shaped bone. Turning them over in his hands he quickly decided which was right and which left then placed each clavicle by its neighboring scapula. In order to determine if a scapula is right or left orient it so the glenoid fossa (articulating surface) faces laterally (outward) and the spine is posterior (toward back)Hassan?s Story and superior (upper). The coracoid process should be superior and anterior. Glenoid cavity is what he place next to the humerus. B).Which bone is Stefan referring to as the Collarbone? Clavical C).Which surface markings could Stefan use to distinguish the right humerus from the left? The head deltoid tuberosity and olecranon and pointed styloid process of the ulna and the circular head and wide styloid process of the radius. The deltoid tuberosity on the right was somewhat larger on the left. D).Why would Stefan think that an enlarged right deltoid tuberosity might indicate right handedness? It was because the right was somewhat larger than the left. E).What is the location of the public symphsis Stefan refers to I the story? The pubic symphysis or symphysis pubis is the midline cartilaginous joint uniting the superior of the left and right pubic bones. It is located anterior to the urinary bladder and superior to the external genitalia; for females it is above the vulva and for males it is above the penis. F).Which adaptation would have taken place in the pubic symphysis of the female skeleton during the later stages of her pregnancy in preparation for the birthing process? Skeletal joints such as the pubic symphysis and sacroiliac widen or have increased laxity. G).What clues could Stefan have used to identify the gender of the pelvis? It?s lack of brow ridge development and pelvic appearance. H). How would Stefan have distinguished between the right and left hip bones? The hips have three separate bone ilium ischium and pubis. I).Would the bones of each hip bone be fused in the female child?s skeleton? No not until the age of 23.”

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