You must escape, or you will dieyou must find the placeyou must hunt for yourselfyou must find me (Wolfe 482). Eugene Ganta young man filled with high hopes and much desire. Certain forces throughout Thomas Wolfes Look Homeward, Angel begin to push Eugene out into the world where he can truly find himself. These same forces make Eugene realize his own abilities, needs, and wants. As the novel progresses, Eugene becomes surrounded by symbols for him to seize the day and release all his pain and emotion. In his novel, Look Homeward, Angel, Thomas Wolfe tries to show how family, small-town life, and the worlds of high school and college affect the passions of a young man. Wolfe demonstrates how family life adds coal to the burning passions within Eugene. Throughout the novel, he describes how Eugenes tumultuous, neglectful, and disturbing home and family life work on the emotions of Eugene. For example, the lack of attention placed onto Eugene starts at a very young age. Not only is Eugene part of a large family, but his father, Oliver, slept when the great pangs of birth began in Eliza at two oclock and slept through all the patient pain and care of doctor, nurse, and wife (Wolfe 27). Eugene, just from his mothers womb, can sense the feelings of disregard that his drunken father has not only for Eugene but also for Eliza. This neglect probably fills Eugenes heart and becomes a grappling with life, a remembrance of things past tinged by the shadow of regret, of one who has found his youthful experiences full of confusion (Chamberlain 4027). These same feelings of neglect turn into abuse as alcohol and Olivers temper cause him to hit his own son Eugene. As expected, Eugene receives less understanding from his father as the novel proceeds and when it is time for college, Oliver spoke his final word and thus i…

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