Health Care and Life Sciences

Federally tax-exempt not-for-profit hospitals provide a vital public benefit whose benefits do not inure to private parties. Local taxation of such hospitals is the triumph of political expediency over good public policy. Do you agree? Discuss (check for the help you need).Not-for-profit hospitals should be exempt from antitrust laws because the combination of not-for-profit hospitals can only help the public through rationalization of community health care delivery. Do you agree? Discuss (check for the help you need).?Hostile environment sexual harassment? is a product of the Victorian mindset of the Supreme Court. It assumes that women are offended by the prurient and that men are not. In fact, many men are offended by the prurient and many women are not. Since ?hostile environment sexual harassment? is not a product of gender-based differences, it cannot find a basis in gender discrimination. It is also offensive to women since it assumes that women are ?creatures too tender for the abrasiveness of daily life, too fragile for the streets . . . . too sensitive for the difficulties of adult life.? (Joan Didion, The White Album). It should be ended as a legal cause of action.

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