Helen Keller

Helen Keller This novel is about the amazing accomplishments Helen Keller has achieved. Her appearance was not much different from others even though she was blind and deaf. Helen had long light brown hair that was always tied up in a bun, with very thin lips. When Helen was a little girl she was very smart, greedy, and stubborn. She had a little sister. Instead of her sister being the little spoiled brat, Helen was. Helen always got her own way and was very difficult to handle by her teacher Anne Sullivan. Helen was very kind and giving as she grew older. Helen was a very strong believer. Thats why she has achieved the impossible. Anne Sullivan was Helens teacher. She too was a lot like Helen she was also a very strong believer. Anne was also partially blind, but had surgery, which improved her sight. Anne had brown hair, which was always tied back. Anne was stubborn which was good because she had to be very tuff on Helen when she was a little girl. Anne had a golden heart and thats what made her never give up on Helen. Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama, on June 27, 1880, a normal child. Nineteen monthes later she was stricken with an illness which left her blind and deaf. From then on she was alone in a world with no noise or light. She so difficult to handle that her parents new they could not handle her and that it was time to get help. They ended up with a teacher named Anne Sullivan. Anne knew that Helen needed serious help so she took her to a house there they were going to live on their own. Helen learned so much when they were living there. Anne poured water on Helens hand. Helen was amazed by the feeling the way Anne spelt out letters on her hand W-A-T-E-R then Helen knew everything had a name. Helen new so much that she was able to ask for anything she wanted with spelling it out with her hands and fingers. The next amazing thing Helen learned to talk. Helen was so determin…

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