*Spaid* hey *Spaid* i just signed up there *movieman* cool, whats ur id# *Spaid* 1041723822 *movieman* cool, what l/p do u want for my ftp? *Spaid* spaid/nick would be good *Spaid* how long will this last? just for the day or fer a week.. *movieman* as long as u earn the maximum of 40 hrs per month on gotoworld, ur account will be active forever. I have a program called “trembler” the moves the mouse so u can earn hrs while away from the pc, so 40 hrs is easy to get. *movieman* the info is pt:21 spaid:nick *Spaid* how does that work again..just open netscape and put on trembler…i got trembler from some other guy i just thought it would of been a cool trick to play on my friends when they were drunk hehe..so how’s that work anywayz? *Spaid* cause i go to college and i use the internet way more than 40 hrs a month moree like 40 hrs a week *movieman* u have to d/l gotoworld’s browser, and when u open it up it will open an advertisement banner (thats what u get paid to have open), there is an indicator (a “$” sign) in the top-right corner of their browser that is green if u are being paid and red if u are not, right-click this “$” sign and click… *movieman* “show ad banner only”, then u can just open the trembler and leave it alone while u are earning money *Spaid* that’s if you wanna sleep that is…what if your on the computer using the mouse on your own..just go about doingyour business and you still get paid? *movieman* yea, of coarse, if ur actually there, just open the browser and go about your business and ull be paid *Spaid* that’s right on..i thought those kinda things were hoaxs…they really werk do they? *Spaid* what do they get out of it then? *movieman* yea, it really works, i just got $130 last month, im gonna get my friend to scan the check so that i can show people. They get paid by advertisers to advertise on their banner *Spaid* that’s american right? *movieman* it started in amer…

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