International deployment of government public health and medical personnel is often necessary to respond to emergencies and enhance global health security. However, there are unique legal challenges for donors and recipient countries. Here, we summarize some of those challenges and existing international fora that may help to identify solutions. Davidson, B., Sherman, S., Barraza, L., & Marinissen, M. J. (2015). Legal challenges to the international deployment of government public health and medical personnel during public health emergencies: impact on national and global health security. , (s1), 103-106.  The main objective of this paper is to explore and describe the discursive politics of surveillance, the constitutional norm that aims to defend citizens from government power via unjustified infringements, the function identity can have as a decisive point of entry into surveillance, and the security facet of surveillance. The material gathered in this study provides a rich and diverse context for understanding the defense of citizens from groundless government power, the governmental discourse of surveillance, the political consequences that follow from the portrayal of surveillance, and the discursive politics of surveillance and identity. The analysis presented in this paper contributes to research on the constitution of the mutual trust between citizens and government, the joint of the governmental surveillance identity, and the influences of surveillance practices on the articulation of identity. Petcu, R. (2015). Government surveillance, neoliberal citizenship, and social identity, 14, 126-131.  This study introduces a new measure that assesses the extent of organizational change tactics usage within a human service organization. The Organizational Change Tactics Questionnaire (OCTQ) was developed based on a comprehensive review of effective organizational change tactics and adapted to the unique needs of human service organizations. This study presents the psychometric properties of the OCTQ using the tool with 13 large child welfare organizations experiencing organizational change. Respondents who saw a greater use of change tactics and those who were more involved with the change process were significantly more likely to perceive the change process as successful. Packard, T., McCrae, J., Phillips, J., & Scannapieco, M. (2015). Measuring organizational change tactics to improve child welfare programs: Experiences in 13 counties. , 39(5), 444-458.  A wealth of research has been amassed documenting the effectiveness of drug treatment courts in addressing the needs of substance-abusing individuals involved with the criminal justice system. However, there is a relative dearth of research that examines the long-term impact of these programs on recidivism rates for both drug treatment court graduates and those unsuccessfully discharged from the program. In this study, we examine which demographic and programmatic/legal factors influence program disposition and recidivism rates of participants (both graduates and those unsuccessfully discharged) across the 5 years following their discharge from a drug treatment court program located in a suburban city in the Midwest. The study sample consists of 249 (N = 249) male participants who have been out of the program for more than 5 years. Results from the univariate and multivariate analyses are provided, as well as policy implications, directions for future research, and study limitations. DeVall, K. E., Gregory, P. D., & Hartmann, D. J. (2015). Extending recidivism monitoring for drug courts: Methods issues and policy implications. doi: 10.11771/0306624X15590205, 1-20.

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