Here are the instructions provided by the teacher. Part of the instructions are to observe interpersonal communication in real life and apply each theory to a specific relationship either at work, home, etc?the writer is going to have to make something up here. My teacher knows I have a very demanding job in the Air Force and she also I have been in Hawaii conducting a no-notice inspection.. As far as home life, the only thing the teacher is aware of is I?m a single parent with three beautiful daughters. Please feel free to make-up what you need to complete the assignment. Here are the instructions: First read A First Look at Communication Theory (Griffin 2012) Chapter 2: ?Talk About Theory? Chapter 5: ?Symbolic Interactionism? and Chapter 9: ?Social Penetration Theory?. Take the two theories and briefly summarize each theory stating its main idea and sub-ideas. Then, observe interpersonal communication in real life to see if you can apply each theory to a specific relationship either at work, home, or within a social context. In other words, can you see this theory play out in your own interactions with others? The teacher knows I?m active duty Air Force with a very demanding job and a single parent of three beautiful daughters. Please do what you can to make this paper seem as realalistic as possible. The paper needs to tell the ?who, what, where, how, and when? of your application. Discuss (check for the help you need) how each theory has helped you gain a greater understanding of your own relationships with others. Finally, evaluate these theories from a biblical worldview. How can they be supported or disclaimed scripturally? This paper should be 3 ? 4 double-spaced pages in length. Include an abstract..

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