Here, we have to write an essay about ?Bilingual?. We need to talk about both ?pro? and ?con? side of it. At first, in the introduction paragraph, the things to be talked about is ?what actual issue to be talked about? In this case, ?bilingual?. And ?What is Bilingual? Thesis on the basis of ?education? on pro?s side and ?Assimilate? on con?s side. I organized the concept for bilingual as following. (Bilingual: ENG/SPAN in US). For: -education -Kids understand -Learn better-feel accepted(white society?). Against? -assimilate. Learn English -don?t encourage Spanish-immoral. All you need to write is write an introduction paragraph based on the information I gave and write a pro side of bilingual. I??ll upload the pro sided work for bilingual which you can add your idea with it and thus edit them to a complete piece..

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