high school uniforms

High School Uniforms in our Country School uniforms have been an issue in our nation for quite some time. Many of todays teens, find that it is very uncomfortable to wear uniforms to school. The biggest question that school uniforms raise, is weather or not wearing uniforms makes the students more disciplined to do their school work. Researchers have now found the facts of the continuing issue of school uniforms and the effects they have on the student body. Students of today, are very self conscience about themselves and the clothing that they wear. If someone where to take a student that is very self conscience and told him/her to put on the uniform that made him feel uncomfortable, what is the point? The point is children have the right to wear what they want and to be an individual. Every child in this country has the right to get a public school education, and that right can not be conditioned upon compliance with a uniform policy. Some parents and children will have religious objections to uniforms which brings on another issue to deal with. In our nation today, Americans have the choice to support any of the thousands of religions that our society offers. Many parents do not want to send their kids to a school in which religion takes place in a big part of the school. In an interview with Robert J. Quackenbush, he replied “If I wanted my children to go to a school which supported school uniforms, I would send him to a private school. Since that isnt the case I dont feel that my children should have to wear them in any circumstance.” Individuality is one of the biggest issues that high school students deal with every day. Since individuality is such a big deal, why not let them be who they are and not what someone wants them to be. The behavior of the students is a big concern to all of the teachers and staff members of high schools around the nation. Some think that if young teens are dressed in the same…

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