Hiring for Success (Management Decision Models)

Hiring for Success (Management Decision Models)Project descriptionAt this point in the course (Management Desicision Models) you should be well armed with the tools and knowledge necessary to make better-informed and rational choices. Apply that knowledge as you tackle one of the most important, and yet heavily subjective, of management responsibilities?the hiring process.Assume you have been tasked with redesigning your organization?s hiring processes. Respond to the following:a) Select three of the six pitfalls listed below:1. Influenced by initial impressions2. Justifying past decisions3. Seeing what you want to see4. Perpetuating the status quo5. Framing the hiring decision6. Overconfidenceb) Examine how you might change the process to avoid your selected pitfalls.Write your initial response in approximately 300?500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.!

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