History and Political Science

History and Political ScienceGratuitiesProject descriptionquestion 1Accepting gratuities has long been a debate among police scholars.You have just been hired as the new Chief of Police. As you visit large retail establishments in the City as part of your 90-day plan, you meet with a local owner of a well known restaurant. The owner has been operating his establishment in your City for over 15 years and mentions to you that he is personal friends with the Mayor, your boss. The owner also informs you that he very appreciative of what police officers in the City accomplish and as a result he has had a long standing policy that police officers do not get charged for meals when they eat in his establishment. He is very happy to meet you and asks that you join him for lunch at no cost. How would you handle this situation?Question 2What is the relationship among NIMS, ICS, EOP, and the EOC?!

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